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For the first time in Serbia original Swiss made product is at your arms reach. The most advanced software system that works flawlessly in more than 80 countrys.
Completly adjustable functionalty and interface to working environment of your restaurant, retail, markets, stadiums, kiosk, hotels etc.

Made business management in many restaurants and retail shops faster and modernized, making it a standard for successful management. 

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Maybe You already saw somewhere how TCPOS is working, but since it doesn't have a standard interface, You could only nod your head and ask, with excitement, when will this be available here.

Perfect modules for implementation on PC (Windows) and Android mobile devices featuring incredible system toughness regarding network communication.
Even in case the network connection is broken system continues to work locally and as soon as the connection reestablishes it self synchronizes all the data and continues to work seamlessly. 

Food preparation supported by Kitchen Displays is driven to perfection.
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All that's left is to order Demo Variant and try, free of charge, what other great companies are using.